Step by Step Guide on How to Hack a Facebook Account
FoneMonitor can enable you to spy on someone's Facebook account without them knowing in very simple steps. This app will also give you an all round support when it comes to monitoring other activities from the target device. Besides checking the GPS location, you can spy on WhatsApp videos and messages, check web browser history and even block any sites you deem inappropriate for your child.
Step 1. Creat An Account
Creating a premium account is the first step. You can do this by visiting then simply downloading the FoneMonitor app onto your device. Be ready to provide your email address where you will be contacted through later on. A password is also required at this first stage.

Step 2. The Setup Wizard
You will be redirected to the FoneMonitor setup wizard where you are supposed to provide all the necessary information about the target device user. These include the name of the user, their age and the operating system that the target device operates under.
Step 3. Setup for Hack FB on Android or iPhone
Hack FB Account on Android phones:
• You have to visit and download its Android mobile plug-in.
• One has to install this tool and launch after successful installation.
• You have to enable unknown sources by tapping on Settings – Security – and hit on Unknown sources to enable.

Hacking Facebook photos and videos on iPhone, you need to verify iCloud ID which is used on the target iPhone:
• In case of the iOS device, you have to sign in to iCloud account on FoneMonitor.
• Enter iCloud ID and Password and tap on "Verify" button.
• This will take some time to sync the FoneMonitor service with iCloud.
Step 4. Start Hacking Facebook Account
Once the installation completes, you can log into your FoneMonitor account and see all the social activities of the target device. This is presumably the person you want to hack their facebook account into. Move to the control panel on your account and click on "Social Apps". There is a drop down arrow which enables all the social apps to pop up. Go to "Facebook" app and start monitoring their facebook activities. This way, you will know when they sign in, the contents of the messages and login details to help you hack a facebook account faster.
Part 2. How to Hack a Facebook Account by Resetting the Password
Use this method to get to anybody's facebook account in minutes. It is also workable when you have forgotten your password and don't have a clue of the password that you last used. Otherwise, if you know the account username of the person's facebook you need to hack, follow these steps.
Step 1. Go to "" and click on "Sign in". Type in the username of the person's account that you need to hack. A message will appear, asking you to type the password. Simply click on "Forgot password".
Step 2. Once the system is informed that you forgot password, it will bring several options to help you retrieve back your password. Pick on "No longer has access to these" and click on it.
Step 3. You will have the option of providing an email ID where the new password will be sent to. Type your new email ID. Confirm the typed ID by repeating it then click on "Continue". A new password will be sent within one day. Use it to hack the said account.
Part 3. How to Hack a Facebook Account by Using Face Geek
This is another app which you can successfully use to hack a facebook account of your choice. You only need to key in the user ID and the app will complete its work within five minutes.
Step 1. Go to "" and you'll be redirected to the hack page.
Step 2. There is a slot to key in the use ID of the facebook account which you want hacked. Correctly type the username.
Step 3. Wait for five minutes and the app would have generated the password of the said account. Use the password to hack and log in to the facebook account. You can then carry out activities like spy on messages and check videos and photos.
Part 4. How to Hack a Facebook Account by Using a Keylogger (Software and Hardware)
Keylogger tool is a powerful software to use to hack a facebook account of your choice. This tool offers the ability to hack several accounts simultaneously.
Step 1. This will be used to hack passwords as it runs on victim's machines. This server works by capturing the victim’s keystrokes and in turn emailing the results back. To create a serve account, you'll have to download the keylogger as well as a binder. Move to next and "Extract" the RAR file so as to get only one folder. Choose at which specific times you want to receive reports by adjusting the server settings. These will be directed to an output box of your choice, having chosen the location of the file and its name.
Step 2. There is a resource hacker folder which you'll open. Next, select the reshacker file. Go to the menu and open a setup file which you would like the keylogger to be attached to. Save all resources.
Step 3. This will make the keylogger hidden. Go to the keylogger file and open up the binder. Click on "Add files" button. From the "files" menu, click on "bind files". Once the keylogger is ready, you can spread it out to victims. Do this through forums, USB drives or any other medium you deem fit. You also have the option to attach your keylogger to images.
Part 5. How to Hack a Facebook Account with Phishing
Phishing method involves creating a fake facebook website to appear as some real website. Such a fake sit can be used to steal credentials and useful data from the target owners.
Step 1. Get a free web hosting service that is most suitable for you.
Step 2. Go to the top right side and register your fake account. You will be required to fill some data then wait for an activation link. Once the link is sent to your email, use it to activate your account. Then go to your hosting control panel.
Step 3. Within the hosting control panel, go to "File" section and click on "File management" to upload the file. From the "file management" click on "public_html" to be directed to your web root folder which will enable you upload all kinds of data and extract them later on. Extract data and pick on passwords to hack the facebook accounts.
Part 6. How to Hack Facebook Account with Man in the Middle Attack
Using this method to hack a facebook account usually happens within a Local Area Network in an office setup. The attacker do appear as a web server because of his tactics of changing the routing table.
Step 1. Ensure you've got the victim IP address as well as a fake web server to carry out the operation. Extract facebook zip and copy the content to documents.
Step 2. Check the fake "web server" and open it in a web browser. Type "http://localhost/". This will make the link appear as facebook link. Activate the sniffing interface by clicking the "Start/Stop sniffer".
Step 3. Go to "sniffer" tab and click on "+" sign. Select "All hosts in my subnet" and click "OK" You will see other people within your network. Do a follow up and pick on their passwords to be used for hacking into respective accounts.

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