How to get much and more subscribers and watch hour on youtube channel

To kick off 2019, we've got 10 practical resolutions to help you get more views, more subscribers and ultimately grow your channel. Let's do this! 1. Get that channel banner sorted The YouTube channel banner is essentially an adver tising billboard for your channel. Ensure it demonstrates to visitors: What you do on your channel Why you do it Why you’re the person to do it (authority and passion) See what we mean in the example below: Your YouTube channel banner should be consistent with the branding, colour and design of the video thumbnails. And don’t forget to make sure it’s mobile friendly, so the edges don’t get cutoff. 2. Write a compelling channel description The channel description in the YouTube About section is what visitors will read when they search and find your channel. Think about writing your channel description as if you were writing a tweet of 140 characters — people have very short attention spans, so it should be clear and concise. Keep in mind, too, that when people first visit your channel, chances are they’re more interested in what’s in it for them. Avoid self-indulgent biographies and instead focus on what your channel can do for your audience. A simple way to check yourself is to search how many times “you” or “your” appears in the channel description. Take a peek at the example below from vidIQ’s About page: Screen Shot 2019-01-16 at 8.00.50 AM Bonus points for applying the same principles to your video descriptions, too. Your audience can always read the first couple of lines, so make them count. 3. Develop and apply consistent design to everything A proper style guide will ensure consistency across your entire channel and all the elements within it. Define your fonts, colors, logos and brand images, and keep them all in one place to apply to your channel art, thumbnails, video intros and even the lower thirds, like this one: 4. Make your channel welcoming to visitors Think of your channel as the front room of your home or your place of business and you as the gracious host. An effective way to create a welcoming channel to new visitors is to include a dedicated channel trailer or use a high-converting video as your channel trailer, sure to increase your subscriber count. You should also consider creating a playlist that shows off your best content and use it to introduce your audience to your channel. Putting the most recent uploads playlist near the top will let your visitors know your channel is still active and posting on a consistent basis. 5. Engage your audience as much as possible One of the mistakes many video creators make is to ask questions at the end of a video. By that time you've lost a significant portion of your audience — just take a look at your audience retention to see for yourself. Asking your visitors a question at the be ginning, the middle and the end of a video — maybe even including a voting poll as well — really will help keep your audience engaged along withthe content. 6. Add an actionable branding watermark On the bottom right corner of your video is your branding watermark, and it's a call to action for viewers to subscribe to your channel. In order for it to achieve its objective, it should say exactly what it does. Rather than using your channel logo, instead use something that invites viewers to subscribe to your channel


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