*Google AdSense has paid over $11billions to bloggers/websites owners since they started*


Are you thinking of earning $5-$50 a day ?
Do you know with blogging you can make more than that ?

To become a blogger you need to go through our course also you will access our blog to train yourself how to start blogging.


A blog is also know as a website. Bloggers are those who own a website that allow them to share their thought,experience, news,teach etc... With other's and through bloggers we can finds answers to our questions on Google also we can get what we are searching for.

*BENEFITS of having a website* 👨🏻‍💻👩‍💻
1. You will earn money by monetize your blog on Google AdSense.

2. You will earn money by promoting affiliate product.
E.g Amazon affiliate, click banks e.t.c

3. You will earn money by selling your own digital product.

4. You will earn money by renting your advert space on your blog.

A lot of earnings opportunity are available for bloggers/websites owners
You can put it through different ads network but Googled adsense is number one

Google AdSense it's a company own by Google. So if you want to advertise your product or services they we do it for you. Google get paid from advertiser and they pay the money to bloggers that we publisher the product or services.

Google AdSense pays per *VIEWS* & *CLICK*
The advert google we place on your blog, if someone click on it you will get paid.

Also if some click on your blog/website and your website load with  the google ads showing in it you get paid.

So if your website get 1000 clicks per day without anyone clicking on your ads
You're to earn 6.5$
So if you have 1000 click on your website you're to earn close to 7$ daily

Also we have low *CPC and high *CPC* (CPC means *Cost per click)*👇🏼

1. High CPC = $0.60 per click, so if you get 2000 visitors and you get only 500 click then you could earn $0.60×500=$300 a day. *NOTES* (you can only get high CPC from USA,UK,Dubai click) and you can get those visitors by writing nice  contents.

2. Low CPC=$0.1-$0.04 so if you get 2000 visitors and only 500 click then you could earn $0.04×500=$20 or $0.1×500=$50 a day *NOTE* (this low CPC can be get from almost Africa country )
*Google AdSense is real and they pays through bank*
Believe it or not thousands of people are into blogging and they are earning good money

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