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Science Quiz : Everyone interested in science ,So in this post i will show you some interested Science Quiz that can help yo increse your knowledge.If you talk about Science Quiz ,so there are many topic but Here i explain all types Science Quiz Question as possible.

Some topic of Science Quiz
  • The Human Body Quiz
  • Animal Quiz
  • Space Quiz
  • Planet Quiz
  • Chemistry Quiz
  • Biology Quiz
  • Power Quiz
  • Physics Quiz
  • Water Quiz
  • Technology Quiz
There are some questions about Science Quiz :

1. What is the name of the largest part of the human brain ?
2. The visible part of the human eye that controls how much light shines through the wires?
3. What is the name of a substance that gives pigment to skin and hair?
4. What are the muscles in front of your thighs?
5. True or false? The two cells below your heart are called ventricles.
6. Nails. Nails are made of which substance?
7. The. What is the largest organ of the human body?
8. What is at the bottom of the bone?
9. True or False? An adult human body has more than 500 bones.
10. How many lungs are there in the human body?
1. The cerebrum
2. Iris
3. Melanin
4. Quadriceps
5. True
6. Keratin
7. Skin
8. Bone marrow
9. False (There are 206)
10. 2

General Science Quiz Questions on General Chemistry

1. Who has been honored as the father of modern chemistry?

2. Who discovered the periodic table?
Answer : Dmitry Mendeleyev

3. Which is the most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere?
Answer : Nitrogen (78.08%)

4. Which gas evolved from paddy fields and wetlands?
Answer : Methane

5. What toxic material is present in automobile emissions?
Answer : Lead

6. Which. In which gas does acid rain?
Answer : Sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide

7. Which metal is used in making microchips?
Answer : Silicone

8. What is called toxicity caused by silicon?
Answer : Silicosis

9. Which polymer is used in making electrical switches, computer disks, etc.?
Answer : Backlight

10. Radio and TV cabinets made with which polymer?
Answer : polystyrene

11. Which chemical is used to make a rain coat?
Answer : Poly vinyl chloride (PVC)

12. What kind of plastic recycling?
Answer : Thermoplastics

13. What are the names given to plastics that cannot be recycled?
Answer : Thermosetting plastics

14. Which temperature is the liquid at normal temperature?
Answer : Mercury

15. What is the chemical name of baking soda?
Answer : Sodium by carbonate

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