The simple answer is NO. Google is actually the main obstacle between you and your dreams. Never follow the advanced rules for blogging that Google considers. YES, You will have to go for the basics of blogging which are taught by Google but then #The secret tips that google give you are actually to make you fail. For example google says that you should use SEO tools, so yes you have to it is necessary. But then further Google tells you to write blogposts more than 1000 words which is ridiculous. And also that same Google tells you through its analysis that 95% of readers will skip your blog post if it is too long. So what is the meaning of writing the whole thing and then at the end you are dissapointed. In this example SEO is the basic principle and 1000+ words is advanced. So now do your own calculations and go for the basics and do not go for the advanced. My post ontains exactly 278 words and it turns out to be less than the required so it means i have not put an effort on it so even if it does not cover up my expectations i will be not dissapointed. And now you are reading it that it has reached you without following rules of Google. Always write short and in-depth posts and if your post has the quality and capability, it will be successful. Success is not obtained by working hard, success is obtained by defeating the system. In short if you do not understand so here is a simple explanation. ALWAYS DO THE OPPOSITE WHAT GOOGLE SAYS IN ADVANCED PRINCIPLES.
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