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What is the importance of water?

What is the importance of water? 

What is the importance of water- "Water is life" is such a common expression that we use it as a clutch. However, perhaps that sentence is one of the most powerful truthful messages that testify to the whole creation. If we learn from geography, the earth is 2/3 water, and science says 70% of human body water, then it is not saying that no life can survive without water. Such importance is written about the importance of water. Our life cycle has been taught from the very beginning and how it keeps life alive, but we still accept it. We also pollute the water basin, the river, and the atmosphere that provides us with this valuable product.

So, again, let's try to consider the very important message that water is everything and water changes everything. This article focuses on two existing scenes based on the world's two favorite countries, which in reality is the center of all creatures and its availability - or its lack - it is essentially a matter. Life and death

This planet is given to take care of us. If we are faithful in our part, then we are rewarded for our survival. So when we misuse misuse, damage, and wrongness of natural resources found in the world, water is the largest and most weakest, then its results are remote and devastating.

Using some water

Importance of water
Let's look at the use of some people for human beings:


All of us have to drink water to keep our body hydrated; There is no water, but clean drinking water. It is recommended that adults should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily. In this way, we maintain 70% body volume. Food, soups, soft drinks, alcohol, alcohol, and drinks all use their water. Any water equals no food and drink.

Clean and Sanitation

What is the importance of water?

Healthcare Priority List Next It is said that "cleanliness is beside righteousness". Many germs such as clay, typhoid, dysentery, dengue fever, and viral hepatitis use dirty water for drinking or bathing. Water may be contaminated by chemicals, viruses, or bacteria, which can then affect them using it. Some water-borne diseases, such as the lungs, are not contagious if they are not easily contagious, but they can be fatal. Malaria can not be a complete climate, but the result of reproductive mosquitoes in permanent water. It is safe to say that the stagnant water is contaminated water, so it is not safe to spend.

Physical waste

According to the health of children, water helps to free the body of waste from urine, sweat, and solid waste. It is also found in lymph nodes, where it helps to maintain the body and maintain the immune system.


If you are involved in the growing of any food, know that there is no water if you do not harvest. It is true if your crops do not get enough water to fully develop and bear fruit. Whether your crop is rainfed or irrigated, here is the magic word water.

Water curry

Do you go boats, Kayak, or cruises on the ocean? Water is used to give you any time adrenaline frost at any time to push the oars against the quick or hit currents. The waves of waves on your water board are an amazing experience which will be unknowable when our oceans dry up suddenly.

We have no say on where we are born or raised, and some of us did not know what it means to lack water; It has always flown from our home taps. We soak in a bathtub, grass water with sprinklers, or even take a refreshing shower after a run of the park. We've come to the nearest "water", probably when we carry a glass of juice from the refrigerator to the kitchen counter. This is not a bad life, but it is very different for many people whose very existence revolves around drinking water.

What is the importance of water?

Importance of water

Now, let's see a couple of different countries in Africa and a couple of ten year old girls living in the situation. The first one name is Mpho; He was born and lives in North Kalgagadi district of Botswana Republic. The second is Muii, who was born in the eastern region of the Republic of Kenya and lived in Makuni County. The stories of these two beautiful girls are proving the importance of water and always in their lives. Let's see once

On Monday morning, and Mofo, his name means 'gift', his mother woke up to get ready from school. He is in the fifth grade in the local government school, which is only one kilometer away from his residence. His mother had already set fire to temporary kitchens using dry sticks collected from Bush on Saturday. Mpho gets to bring a bucket of water to the standpipe outside of its gate. Standpipe supplies water to their habitats, as well as four local clusters. A few years before Mofro's birth, the government comes to water from Borhole to this pipe and it is managed and managed by the local district council. Water is very difficult in Kaligadhi and immediately leaves the thick layer of white lime and chalk deposits in any of the contact; However, it is not contaminated. With boiling, drink it safe. Mpho has used this water throughout his life. Whenever Borhole breaks the engine, then water is provided by the risk of the Council.

Although it is less than coming from standpipe, there is still water. In addition, a river of Mpho is never seen. Because there is no river in its part of the desert. Yet, apart from the name of his district and what he is telling others, he has no idea what he really is in a desert. He lived in one life, but he never traveled outside of his village to find something more than that. Mpho, consciously though, believes that everyone else lives in their village as they do that way.

Mpho quickly finished eating his plate in terracotta terraces, grabbing his bag of books and seeing and rushing before walking to school with friends of his friends. When his teacher asked him to write a letter during his English lessons, he wanted to know when Mofo wanted to grow up, and he explained the reasons for his choice. Mpho did not miss a day at a school, or had no idea how happy she was to walk many kilometers to bring water to her family's cooking, washing, and bathing.

After her children went to school, Mafo's mother brought water from the standpipe to family family laundry, family work and preparation of food. Later, with the residents of village Barisal village their shepherds were ensured by the shepherds appointed by the shepherds. Carnation beats ruthlessly on living below the sun, goats and livestock take shelter under trees and thorns after drinking them.

Returning home in the evening, Mofo's mother drinks water in her garden, which is covered with her back and green shadow of her house. She increased some spinach, calories, onions, and tomatoes in her small garden. Sandy soil extincts rapid water, and its plants show their dissatisfaction by drooping from the lack of moisture. If there is a way to prevent warm temperatures, there will be much more in its garden. Still, pucker up in the evening after unhappy veggies. They store large amounts of it, because vegetables and fruits are expensive in Kaligadhi - they travel all the way from Gabon or South Africa. So, even though she is not able to grow farms, Mafo's mother is adequate enough to eat her family's food.

Another ten-year-old girl, Mouine, lives in another country about 4,000 kilometers away. Muni means her native language 'Visitor'. Muinni was born in Makuni, semi-arid region of eastern Kenya. In terms of climate and terrain, he lives in most areas of the area, living in Mafo. However, there is no borehole in his village for Muni. There is no nearby river. In these circumstances the life for little girl is very different.

On Monday morning, she is not awake to get ready to go to school. Instead, he woke up a while before dawn, where he and his mother joined a group of mothers and daughters of another village, who had to start long journeys to acquire water called precious products. Moini carries a plastic container of 10 liters capacity, 25 mtrs of soil. The journey begins at 4:00 am, and they walk all morning. By lunch, they get water holes. Depending on how many people are coming to bring water, they can stay there for one or two hours. After filling in their respective containers, they hanging on their head on their back by a belt sold from seal fiber, they made home on long tracks. Tired and dusty, they finally reached home late in the evening. A whole day has gone and only one thing has been completed: bringing water.

Final Word

As a small girl growing up in central Kenya, we had rivers everywhere, and my previous memories are frequent rains. We always drink plenty of water from the collected water from the water collected from the drums or by the water from the reservoir strategically under the roof. The rivers will occupy large amounts - large stones of upstream, carrots, sugar seeds, cabbage, even shirts and sweet potato stones - and at the end of the farm, will be deposited right on the river in our downstream plots.

Our cabbages, arrowroots, and sugar cane will be extracted and flown from us to others. We do not have very difficult rains when the fish on the river, and guys even once dangerous as time - will take a sink in one time. We walked barefoot in the rain, we entered the Padma and we were under the ice like a shield below. Our clothes were caked with red mud. Looking like a duck statue walking, we roam outside the house and bathe outside with warm rain water.

Early childhood memories of the rainy season will make me sleepy, when the water gets colder on the iron roof of the waves. The bed was always warm on the rainy night; I used to laugh and go to sleep, remembering how to look like tea with milk, hanging down on my right side in the middle of the paddle. Each ridge had its own river or two. Feeding by small trickling streams above stone, was beautifully engraved water pans. This is where we need to draw drinking water from when needed.

During the monsoon season, when rain rains during harvesting and the fields are prepared for the next crop, drum water will be reduced. Before returning home, women and children will come from opposite directions to fill water and cancer. We did not know about water shortage, and do not miss a beat of our lives.

Still, I changed something at a young age. Upstream people start growing commercial crops. They bind water to their dams built in their farms. The trees disappear due to the burning of charcoal invisible and for creating crops for crops. Natural water acquisition areas have been cleared as well. Now, I'm not seeing anything that grew up in my home village.

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