Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin (BLC) is an SEO audit plugin.
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For any WordPress blog, this plugin is a lifesaver for removing broken links and fixing redirects and is very effective and sensetive when you are cleaning your WordPress site. This plugin finds all broken and redirected links and gives you plenty of options to fix them.

But before we talk more about the Broken Link Checker plugin, let's talk about broken link.
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  • What are Broken link
  • Why you should regularly check and fix 404
  • Wordpress Plugin to fix broken link

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What are broken links?

Broken links are not web links to an existing page. It has a "dead" link and a 404 error code.

For example, let's assume you've linked to a page on a specific website, but that page has been removed. This is the cause of a broken link. When a visitor follows that link, they will receive a 404 error page.

But this doesn't simply impact users. once computer program bots notice a broken link, they additionally get a 404 standing code implying that the page doesn't exist. From Associate in Nursing SEO purpose of read, these broken links (i.e., dead links) have a negative impact on your web site.

Too several of those links and a web site can suffer from one thing known as “Link Rot.”

So however will a web site get broken links?

Well, other than linking to a page that has been removed, if you're a preferred diary that gets plenty of comments, you would like to use caution. The comments additionally contain links. If your web site has been around for a short while, and you've got gotten millions of comments, chances are high that you've got plenty of broken links to websites that now not exist.

There area unit several broken link checker websites out there to examine for broken links on your web site. however with WordPress, we've got the facility of plugins.

Why you should regularly check and fix 404

Why we must always often check and fix 404 links :
Broken links square measure those links that offer 404 standing code. Usually, once a webmaster decides to alter permalink and conjointly removes the page it provides 404 standing code. Such links square measure referred to as as broken links and that they don't seem to be helpful for programme and conjointly for readers. Too several broken links don't seem to be treated because the sign of quality web site, thus we must always make certain to repair such links and purpose them to right address.

These free on-line link checker tools can check your sites for any broken links. These suggests that, it can be the interior broken link or can be external broken links. Especially, if you've got a large journal, your previous posts might have too several dead links, by adding operating and updated URL’s, you'll be creating them price a browse.

Search engines bots hate broken links, which may lead to low ranks in search engines and fewer traffic to your journal. From a research engine perspective, Broken links square measure treated because the dead finish.

For WordPress bloggers, we've got Broken link checker WordPress plugin, that is incredibly helpful and effective. Though, for static sites and for BlogSpot, we have a tendency to don’t have any such plugin, thus we are going to consider some on-line solutions.

If guests square measure landing on broken links of your blogs, there square measure probabilities that they won’t come back back to your web site. nobody has time to waste time on broken links. you'll verify broken links with innumerable free web site checker tools obtainable on-line. Once you detected broken links of your journal, you'll manage those broken links with redirection plugin.

WordPress Plugin to repair Broken Links

Broken Link Checker could be a free tool for WordPress.

It helps you discover all broken links on your diary likewise as highlight all of the redirections.

This WP plugin checks all URLs on your WordPress diary and offers you a whole report of the broken and redirected links.

How To Use Broken Link Checker WordPress Plugin

1. Download and install the plugin.
2 . Activate the plugin and head to its setting by clicking on Tools > Broken Links.

It might take a while (a number of hours or maybe days) to scan the WordPress website for broken links (internal and external).

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