How Bluetooth Will Be Used To Track Corona-Virus

Recently Apple and Google have made announcements that might help in reducing the corona virus infections. Both Google and Apple are expected to build an app that tracks the spread of the disease and then allows users to share their information through Bluetooth Low Energy transmissions. We expect that the app would use short-range communications by Bluetooth to establish a tracing contact network, which is voluntary. However, still, it would need to have a copy of general data on phones that have had a close distance between them. The public health authorities will have official apps to get access to this data, which will be available to the users to download them to check if they have been diagnosed with the corona virus. In mid-may, Apple and Google will again introduce a pair of android and iOS APIs to make sure that the health authorities can implement them. During this phase, operators will still be allowed to download the app. After this phase is complete, Google and Apple will generate a tracing functionality again into the primary operating systems for those who have iOS or Android phones. For those worried about their privacy, this won’t be an issue as the Bluetooth would not be entitled to pick up a person location. What it will do is finding the signals of nearby phones at a five-minute pause then the connections in between will be stored in a database. If one is tested positive for the novel corona virus, they could tell the app that they have the infection, and the application would notify other people who have been in a close range. While sharing information via Bluetooth, the system generates an unspecified key rather than a stationary one. Those keys will change after every fifteen minutes; thereby, the public will not know those infected. Weaknesses of the app It may create stigmatization unnecessarily as in overcrowded places, and it may flag people who are not even close to the user. Another reason Is that it may not show the duration in which the person was exposed to the person who may have the virus. The big question is that will this new program by Google and Apple be a turning point for the novel corona virus? Comment, share and follow for more updates like this.