I guess i'm the sole who freaks out when his phone pops without a charger or Power-bank to charge it around. It sucks, i'm sure you can't deny that. What if I told you I even have found another solution to your flat battery problem without having a charger or without considering the frustration of power being withheld by the facility company then this blog post is for you. If you're interested, then follow this tip.

The first thing is to get rid of your battery from your device if it's a removable battery. this will only be done on specific phones so don't attempt it on your phone without a removable battery.

Get AA, AAA, or 9-volt batteries, which are quite common household batteries.

I bet you never knew that these batteries have an equivalent power current as your phone’s battery. it's going to be shocking what i will be able to ask you to try to to with them, but it's simple you'll now charge your battery when there's a shortage of power supply in your house with these batteries.

This process is more advisable than trying to charge your device directly with an alternate battery directly. Using an improper amount of amperage or voltage can potentially damage complex circuit, so such methods are obviously not well worth the risk, when your phone is placed on the road .

Identify the positive and therefore the negative of those batteries, then calculate to make certain that the entire amount of batteries gathered are a touch above your phone battery amp. Tape them tightly together, fix a metal wire on both of the batteries then proceed to put these wires on your phone’s battery.

After a short time , you'll disconnect your phone battery from the opposite batteries. i'm sure your battery would are charged.

I know electricity might be a drag in several environment and to those that do not have power bank, so i think this may be useful enough. Let me know your views in  comment box.


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