Yes, we will actually Identify Original phones from Fake phones which you get to understand after reading this text .

Although most folks desire we couldn't live without our mobile phones, they've not really been alive for very long.

Mobile phones, particularly the smartphones that became our inseparable companions today, are relatively new.

Fake phones are often practically an equivalent from genuine ones,since they're made with intention of misleading buyers that they need real product while fake product are made to seem as close as possible just like the real ones but have a twist ,only noticeable at closer made in China doesn't always mean fake.

There are many criterion’s you'll use to live the originality of your phone e.g by pricing,the place of purchased,the OS ,Name spelling,Warranties and origination e.t.c.

Some other important belongings you can use to connote original phones are:

Open your phone dialer and;

>Dial *#06# and your phone will display the international Mobile Equipment Identity on the screen ,copy it down remove the battery and check the IMEI written on the panel of the phone of the phone .it must be same ,If not it's not original

>The IMEI number w be displayed as this:

After getting your IMEI number ,check the 7th and 8th of the displayed 15 digit numbers and compare with this

0 0 -means phone directly from factory

0 1,1 0,9 1,9,7 0,0 7-means produced in Finland (good quality)

0 2,2 0-means phone is assembled in China (i.e questionable)

0 3,3 0-produced in Korea or India(Better Quality)

0 4,4 0-Produced in Romania(Good Quality)

0 5,5 0-produced In Brazil/USA(Good Quality)

0 6,6 0-Assembled in Hong Kong/China/Mexico(Good

0 8,8 0-produced in Germany (Good Quality)

1 3,3 1- produced in Azerbaijan (Bad Quality )

Start Checking your phones both New and Old to determine it’s Quality.

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