Two Things You Don't Know Your Xender App Could Do

Sequel to the Coronavirus induced holiday, I had discovered two features on Xender during which you're probably oblivious of. Xender may be a cross-platform file sharing application, which uses a wireless connection to transfer files, pictures, music and videos at lightning speed. However, an updated Xender Application provides the subsequent two additional features:

1. Status Saver

2. Conversion of Video to Mp3 (Audio) rather than occupying your phone memory with WhatsApp Status Saver, an updated version of Xender provides exactly this same function.

You'll save videos from Facebook and Instagram also using this same feature. the way to save statuses using your Xender app Open your XENDER app There are five options listed at the bottom as follows * Video * Game * An icon for activating sending and receiving of files * Social * Me Click on Social, here WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are going to be showed on a fresh page.

Connect your respective accounts and start to save lots of your favourite status stories. PS: together with your Data on the way to convert videos to audio file using your Xender app sometimes the background music of a specific video might catch your consider to the extent of you craving to concentrate thereto on a repeat mode. the primary of the five options of XENDER application features a feature which allows you to pick any video of your choice and convert it into Mp3. this does not require data.


  1. It's nice
    Xender is certainly a very powerful app
    You can even use Xender to exchange files between your phone and your PC, as explained in this article How to use Xender on PC

  2. Good to know about new app - Xender..Thanks for writing on this..