Gmail has worked its way into the hearts of email users all round the world, and why shouldn’t it? Designed by the geniuses over at Google, Gmail has provided us with the simplest , most condensed, and most helpful platform to receive our necessary electronic communications. However, even a number of the foremost loyal Gmail users aren’t fully conscious of everything that the program has got to offer. to seek out out what your missing out on, inspect our list!
Let the countdown begin

15. The Dots Mean Nothing.

The periods in your email address mean absolutely nothing. for instance , you'll send your emails to or, and that they will still reach an equivalent location. Weird, huh?

14. You Can Put Your Accounts to Sleep.

Gmail offers a cool app called Boomerang which allows you to line up emails to return to your inbox at your discretion. With this feature, you'll prefer to have an email crop up in an hour, a day, or maybe at a selected time.

13. The cool Tracking Feature.

If you check in for tons of account emails from various sites (and who doesn’t these days), this feature could also be useful to you. When signing up to site accounts, try adding a “+” symbol anywhere in your email address; you'll still receive all of your emails, and therefore the platform will organize them for you! for instance , for shopping sites, you'll use (as against and your inbox will separate these emails. By adding the symbol in other areas, you'll create multiple folders supported their source. this will even be useful in narrowing down options for who is spreading your email address.

12. You could found out Notifications.

If you get tons of important emails that need attention as soon as possible, you would possibly got to start using the platform’s notification feature. activate chat or mail notifications in your settings under “Desktop Notifications”, and each time you receive an email labeled as important it'll crop up on your screen regardless of what you're doing!

11. Delete Everything with One Click.

Spring cleaning is approaching soon, and you shouldn’t neglect your electronic life. It are often tedious going page-by-page to delete only 25 or 50 emails at a time, so Gmail allows you to delete every email in your inbox, if desired. Just click on the small a part of the page that tells you ways many emails you see per page, and an choice to (show more messages) will appear. Click that and choose (All), and delete as normal in one easy click.

10. Take Back the Mistakes.

we've all had the gut-sinking feeling of terror after sending an email that simply wasn’t what you had wanted to mention . it's commonly believed that these emails are gone forever once sent, but there's actually how to reel them back in. Simply enter the Labs tab in your settings, and find the “Undo Send” one. Choose “Enable”, and you’ll have a couple of extra moments to urge those emails back!

9. There is quite only one Star.

If you're a busy emailer, the “star” option has become your ally . Although, did you recognize there's quite one star? Stars are available six different colors, and even an array of other symbols, to assist you sort your mail. you'll use whichever is your favorite for all of your starred emails, otherwise you can create separate folders for every symbol to further organize your emails.

8. Can Your Emails.

Together of the higher features offered in Gmail Labs, you now have the choice to “can” your responses. Canned responses simply offer you the choice to save lots of your response to a particular email for future use. this is often quite helpful if you discover yourself often typing out an equivalent messages to multiple recipients. As you compose emails, the choices bar at rock bottom right will now allow you to save lots of or use canned responses.

7. Get Read Receipts.

We’ve all faced the struggles of ignored emails and eagerly awaiting particular replies, and now you'll put your mind comfortable . Though not many of us realize this, you'll be receiving read receipts to ascertain when your emails are opened. Many extensions offer services like this, including Bananatag Email Tracking, Sidekick, and Intelliverse Email Tracker.

6. Make a To-Do List.

It are often extremely tiresome to stay tabs on your digital life from multiple devices, which is why it are often helpful to make inbox to-do lists for each aspect of your life. Remember The Milk may be a service that simply adds a to-do checklist to the proper side of your email platform. you'll make lists for your personal life, work, and even turn messages into tasks. If you’d like, you'll even import these lists to your calendar and contacts. For even more helpful features for to-do lists, try Todoist for Gmail.

5. Keep Track of Your Calendar.

To further consolidate your electronic life, the services also offers a handy little calendar. you'll manually enter all of your important dates and reminders you would possibly normally wear your phone or on paper, and Gmail will remind you of your plans. Why have your schedules and daily actions spread across multiple locations, once you could put it beat an equivalent place?

4.Connect Your Accounts.

Google’s email service is particularly helpful in organizing multiple email accounts. they create it possible to attach each of your email accounts, making it simple to possess separate accounts for work, personal, shopping, etc. there's also how to change your settings to ascertain new emails from all, or some, of those accounts simultaneously.

3. Get Reminded with a Text.

There are many programs available that provide to notify you at your discretion. AlwaysFind is one among the highest options, although this service requires a fee; there are free substitutes with an equivalent features. All you've got to try to to is denote important emails, say, from a selected sender, and therefore the program will text you when your inbox receives an email from this person.

2. Search Apps.

This feature is most useful for users who cash in of other Gmail apps, like Google Docs or Google Sites. Using these apps are often extremely helpful in consolidating your digital life, but are often timely to urge to. To simplify the method , a feature called “Apps Search” is out there within the Labs. From just altering a couple of settings during this feature, you'll include app results (or any Google feature) in every search you create in your inbox.

1. Just Archive It.

Possible foremost obnoxious and inevitable aspect of email is an inbox filled with read emails that at some point require an excessive amount of effort to travel through and clean. I mean, you'll always just delete it after reading, but if you would like to see back thereon later it's already dead and gone. If you only lead it, it just exasperates the difficulty of a cluttered inbox. So how does one get around this? Just archive it. it's possible to change the settings in Gmail in order that a read message just goes straight to the archives. Simply attend General Settings, and scroll right down to “Send & Archive”; mark the choice for the button to seem , and you'll easily send a message to the archives after you've got read it. Hope you enjoyed our list about the highest 15 belongings you didn’t realize Gmail have!


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