The answer is absolutely yes! Google ads is a platform that is used by millions of companies around the world. And it gives all tour operators and companies the power to show advertising to any customers (leads) who are looking for the product / service you sell through Google.
Ads works mainly on pay per click (PPC), so you only have to pay when someone clicks on your tour operator advertisement .
Using one of the formats made available by Google Ads for tour operators such as:
Google Search Network (Search): through the purchase of keywords sought by potential customers (leads) so that your ad can appear among the top positions in the search results.
Display Network: this is the advertising format that appears in the form of text or banners, which appears on a network of Google partner sites (such as Gmail) and is used mainly in retargeting campaigns.

Video: or the common video that precedes, interrupts or follows the viewing of a video on Youtube or other channel

App: dedicated to the world of apps.
It is very effective because, thanks to the insertion of advertisements in Google search pages, it allows to attract potential customers (leads) at the exact moment in which they are looking for relevant products or services. And, you know, Google is the most used search engine in the world, and many search for information before making a purchase.
This data must be a warning on why it is important to have good visibility on search engines.

Implementing a digital strategy for tour operators , activating a campaign on Google Ads helps you grow your business effectively and efficiently.
To take full advantage of the potential of this service, as for all advertising platforms, you must be able to juggle it well and develop the various phases, that is, create campaigns for the right target, set up separate ad groups by area, choose effective keywords and also the type of correspondence, set up conversions and insert any ad extensions, and last but not least, be able to analyze data to optimize campaigns.
What are the benefits of using Google Ads?
It is known that every time we do a search on google, our attention focuses on the first results and almost always corresponds to what we were looking for. Google's algorithm determines search results based on how relevant and relevant they are to the user.

Google Ads places the most relevant ads right above these organic results. In fact, users view them, find them relevant to what they are looking for and click, it does not matter if they are sponsored or not. The important thing is that they are relevant to them.
There is no perfect formula for success in ads, each company, campaign or ad has different characteristics in which some circumstances overlap with others. The key is to monitor the results and analyze which things are succeeding and which are not.
What happens when a user clicks on the ad?
When the user clicks on your ad, it will be directed to a page of your website, which will be chosen as relevant and coherent, or direct it to a landing page created specifically for the target you want to identify, in this way you will have many more chances to intercept visitors and convert them into customers.

Obviously all these dynamics can be monitored through the google Ads section in the analysis part, which allows you to examine and monitor the progress of the campaigns. Providing for each data detailed statistics, for example the average cost per click, allowing the possibility of intervening with any changes to improve the performance of the campaign.
If used correctly, Google Ads allows you to obtain great results in terms of turnover and increase in the customer portfolio, making your business grow exponentially.
Of course, in order for everything to happen, you need to offer an offer of value to the user, an audience targeting, relevant keywords, a specially created landing page, and the ability to analyze and optimize results. Only by following these dynamics can you achieve the objectives of the campaign.
Because it is appropriate to rely on professionals for Google Ads campaigns
Unfortunately for those who are not an expert, creating a campaign on Google Ads can become not only complicated but also expensive: consider that the budget you plan to invest, for example for a "search campaign", will be divided into keywords (keyword ) that you have selected and also on the various advertisements you have made. The greater your knowledge of Google Ads and the analysis work done initially, the better the returns you will get from this tool.
We are experts in the tourism web marketing sector, with over 10 years of experience, we will implement a strategy with you, also using the Google Ads platform, creating campaigns developed for your company in order to reach all your business goals.
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