A modern solution to your networking problem with Wavlink AC2100

I am a teacher who works in a very posh and modern private school and so all my work is made really easy as my school has adopted the latest infrastructure in terms of technology. So there's a portal for my school through which I can keep in touch with my students and see how well they are performing. It's really great and the entire school has great Wi-Fi so that really helps. But ever since the lockdown started I have been stuck at home and during the first few weeks there weren't any classes to be conducted so there wasn't a lot of Wi-Fi needs but after a month we were instructed to conduct classes online and for that, I had to use my Wi-Fi router which was enough for doing a few small tasks such as e-mailing and browsing the internet. However, it wasn't really good for hours of conducting video conferences. 

I had a lot of issues where the video would get stuck and have no clarity whatsoever. I also had a difficult time connecting to various meetings. I figured that I couldn't continue like this and decided to find a solution to this problem. I then went ahead and bought an extender after searching online. It worked as advertised and was really affordable. I then set it up using the ap setup link. There's a detailed list of setup instructions given below.

Setting up the extender

The setup part is really easy and doesn't require much technical knowledge at all. I for one didn't know a lot about it but set it up easily within an hour. Be careful will unpacking the box of extenders after opening plug in to electricity and turn on the device. Now, once the repeater has been turned on you can set it up using one of two ways either by using an ethernet cable or by wirelessly connecting it with your smartphone. 

For setting up you need to connect the extender with an ethernet cable. head over to myrepeater.net page and select the wavlink wl-wn583a6 setup from the list of extender or search it in the search bar. Once the set-up is done you can login to the page and change the SSID and password of your repeater and set it as a different access point.

Extender setup with WPS button

If you choose to set-up the extender wirelessly then, make sure that your smartphone or laptop is connected to it. Then the setup process is pretty much similar. After the setup has been completed you can now enter the login information to connect other devices to it. You can also set-up the extender using the WPS button, to do that press and hold the WPS button at the back of the repeater for about 5 seconds unitll light blink. Once the connection has been established you will see that the internet symbol will have turned blue/green from orange. This concludes the wavlink wl-wn583a6 wifi.wavlink.com setup for the extender.

Extender troubleshooting and firmware update

If any point during wavlink ac1200 wl-wn583a6 extender setup you encounter any difficulties or issues then follow the instructions given below. If your extender is not responding or connecting to your main Wi-Fi router then try rebooting it and if that doesn't work then try factory resetting it. To do that press and hold the reset button for 3 seconds till the lights start flashing rapidly then wait for 2 minutes till the device completes the resetting process. After the device has been resetted follow the above-mentioned setup instructions to properly setup your extender. If these don't work then try updating your extender firmware by logging in to the extender's default page and clicking the update option in the system settings

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