Depression After Flying Colours

 Four to five years in school

  Wrote my exams in flying colours

  Celebrated with friends in the mood

  And graduated with very good honours

  All thought was that after school

  Life was going to smile on me 

  Never knew how obstinate he could be

  To have left me to face reality

 Everyone including mom congratulated me

   Thinking that luck was going to shine on me 

    Employment was going to come knocking at my door

     Never knew my imagination was going to the mud


     Days, weeks and months of job hunting past

     Though I felt relaxed and undisturbed

     And there she came knocking at my post

     Why ain't you still employed?!!


      She looked so disappointed and frail

      All I could feel was her tears, insults and pain

      Thoughts streaming down my limbo

       How to make money and take care of Mama was just my alternate concern.

That peaceful afternoon, I just wanted to be high

    because I couldn't condole and swallow all her cry

   Then a friend had to show me the way

   Shine your eyes', that was all I heard that day

  Gradually, way of life, dressing and speaking style changed,

     I began speaking the language of the gods and shared home with animals

    All knowing I was dragging my reputation to the mud

   All I just wanted was RBS to give to Mama

  I couldn't face the harsh realities of these world 

 I couldn't condole Mama's tears, insults, and pain

   All I just wanted was to make RBS for Mama and be called a Bobo

   And gradually it ended with a tears furrowed concerto




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